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As most of my readers, you have dreadlocks. Or seriously considering them. You commit to winning at work, career, and life. Leaving a lasting impact on your world is most important. We hope to provide positive lifestyle strategies to help you grow, get better, and reach your potential.

"She refused to cut those dreadlocks off, talking some stuff about her sense of purpose and thought process and rationale and happiness would be messed up if it wasn’t dreaded.”

Rachel Brown, “The Window on the Park,” City Arts Quarterly, Fall-Winter 1987

Be honest:

  • Do others understand your desire for dreadlocks?
  • Have fears of losing friends, financial opportunities, or jobs because of your dreadlocks?
  • Need new ideas, proven tips, online resources, and strategies for success?

If so, you’re not alone. All of us with dreadlocks felt this way at some point.

I Know How You Feel

I know how it feels when family, friends, and society judge you for your dreadlocks. It doesn't matter to you that they don't like your hair, all you want is to succeed in the things that matter: family, health, faith, and community.

I, too, have struggled with having dreadlocks and trying to reach my goals. When I threw the comb away and started letting my hair dreadlock, I was broke and had a young family to support. I failed at every single business or job I started. But I didn't give up on my dreams. I kept my dreadlocks and kept working hard.

Twenty-five years later, I have achieved more of my goals than I ever thought possible. I have a successful career, a loving family, and a strong faith. I am still proud of my dreadlocks, and I know that they are a part of who I am.

I want to encourage you to not let anyone judge you for your dreadlocks. If they don't like your hair, that's their problem. Focus on your goals and don't let anything stand in your way. You can achieve anything you set your mind to, dreadlocks and all.

Here are some tips for dealing with family and friends who judge you for your dreadlocks:

  • Be honest with them about why you wear dreadlocks. Explain that they are a part of your culture, your religion, or simply a style that you like.
  • Set boundaries. Let them know that you appreciate their concern, but that you are not going to change your hair for them.
  • Be confident. Wear your dreadlocks with pride. If you are confident, others will be less likely to judge you.
  • Remember that you are not alone. There are many people who wear dreadlocks and who are successful in their careers, their relationships, and their communities.

My Goal in Writing This Blog

Through this blog, our mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and commitment you need to succeed with dreadlocks —at work and in life. From practical tools to accomplish your dreams and goals, to strategies for personal growth and development, to an intentional path to greater influence and contribution, my goal is to empower you to do what matters most with dreadlocks.

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Yes, you can win at work and succeed in life with the dreadlocks you desire. All it takes is the intention, desire, and action. Let’s get started.