What Am I Doing Now

  • Prioritizing my role as a devoted husband and father, while also maintaining my mental well-being.
  • Meditate (TM) and visualize two times a day, possibly everyday.
  • Trying to lose ten pounds.
  • Committing to reading everyday and at least one non-fiction book per month.
  • Engaging in a comprehensive workout routine, exercising six days a week.
    • Three days are dedicated to cardio activities such as rowing, cycling, spinning, and jumping rope.
    • Another three days are focused on weight training using Tempo, TRX, and Mirror.
    • Finally, one day is dedicated solely to recovery, where I relax and indulge in making hummus, enjoying it with good red wine and homemade pita bread.
  • Maximizing my time with my children by participating in various activities like cycling, basketball, board games, baseball, pickleball, table soccer, and chess. Video games are excluded as I am not skilled at them.
  • Editing my eBook, titled "Don't Worry, Be Nappy."
  • Writing posts and articles for Dreadlocks365.com.
  • Cooking delicious vegan breakfast and dinners for fast growing family.

These are my top priorities.

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