Tired of the Mask! A Tale of Dreadlocks and Determination

Tired of the Mask! A Tale of Dreadlocks and Determination

"Choosing to grow dreadlocks is more than just a style—it's a journey marked by societal judgment akin to the racial challenges in my career. Like every life experience, each dreadlock strand tells a story of endurance and spirit. Dive into my tale of resilience and growth."

When the topic of dreadlocks surfaces, a typical question I encounter is, "Why would you want to grow dreadlocks?" My reflexive response often is, "Are you prepared for what that truly means?" For the uninitiated, the response might be, "But it's just hair," but there's a labyrinth of meanings and emotions that dreadlocks encompass.

It's not just about growing hair; it's about a journey. The journey of dreadlocks, for many, is symbolic, deeply personal, and sometimes societal. Misconceptions about this hairstyle are rife. Some see it as a symbol of unprofessionalism, while others associate it with dirtiness, drug use, or as a defiance against conventional systems. Adopting dreadlocks can inadvertently make you a lightning rod for these misconceptions, leading to unexpected challenges in daily life. Thus, when you decide to wear this hairstyle, you are not just making a fashion statement but also accepting the weight of the stereotypes and challenges it might bring.

Drawing from my life's tapestry, I've found that responsibility and perseverance are the keys to navigating challenges. My journey after high school led me from the comforts of Arkansas to the sprawling city of Dallas, Texas, where I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming. The dream was clear, but the path was lined with hurdles - job losses, personal crises, and even a bout of homelessness. Yet, I endured, graduating and stepping into the professional realm as a computer programmer, a role that had me travel and experience the dynamic facets of different cities.

Life, however, had a curveball ready. During a wave of downsizing at my company, my role was jeopardized. Despite being an equal part of a close-knit team of programmers, I was sidelined, the reason, my skin color. While my colleagues found roles within the firm's IT departments, I was relegated to a technical phone support role - a stark deviation from my career aspirations.

The ensuing days were a test of my patience and resilience. Two years went by, filled with countless seminars, workshops, and job interviews. Yet, my professional trajectory seemed anchored to that phone support desk. Moments of self-doubt became frequent, coupled with a sense of isolation.

It took time and introspection to recognize the racial bias in play. Skillset and experience were secondary to prejudice. But instead of being ensnared in this quagmire of negativity, I chose to rise. The decision was conscious, to discard the weight of societal expectations and navigate my path, no matter the external pressures. It was a commitment to personal growth and transformation amidst adversity, although the road ahead was uncertain.

Similarly, choosing to grow dreadlocks is not merely an aesthetic choice. It's a commitment, often accompanied by societal judgment, prejudice, and misconceptions, akin to the racial challenges I confronted in my career. But as I've learned, it's vital to embrace responsibility, face adversities with tenacity, and remain resolute in our goals, irrespective of the obstacles in our path, whether they stem from our appearance, competencies, or racial identity. Every strand of a dreadlock, much like every experience in our lives, tells a story of endurance, growth, and undying spirit.

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