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“Don’t Worry, Be Nappy!”

How to Grow Dreadlocks in America and Still Get Everything You Want! by Jeffery Bradley
Paperback | eBook


Don’t twist one strand of your hair … or spend hard earned money on fake dreadlocks, weaves, backcombs, and “magic potions” until you get the “REAL” facts about dreadlocks!

Society is becoming more accepting of the naturalness of dreadlocks.  However, those wishing to grow dreadlocks may have difficulty finding the right information to help them. By following a few simple tips, anyone can grow dreadlocks.  You do not need to fight the “man,” drop out of society, change jobs, or move to a tropical island.

This book covers everything essential to living a successful life, including motivation tips, good health advice, managing finances, finding a job, and much more.

Growing dreadlocks take courage, confidence, and positive thinking. It is an incredible and soulful journey into one strength and talents. As with anything in life; faith, belief, persistence, and determination are keys to success with dreadlocks.

This book will give you the courage to define your image of success and live by your convictions. You will notice several quotes from many of Bob Marley’s songs. His lyrics inspires us to “grow your dreadlocks and not be afraid of the wolf pack.”

Learn how to:

  • Get on the right path to great dreadlocks.
  • Maintain healthy dreadlocks.
  • Set goals and make them happen.
  • Physically and mentally prepare yourself for success.
  • Find the job or career to help you reach important goals.
  • Stay focused and visualize success!
  • Much more.