Dreadlocks Survival Guide

Congratulations! You just decided to take your dreadlocks to “whole new level!”.

 Don’t Worry, Be Nappy!

How to Grow Dreadlocks In America and Still Get Everything You Want!

A digital guide with resources to help you grow the dreadlocks you desire and live the prosperous lifestyle you deserve.


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What you will learn

Learn hardcore information on growing dreadlocks, developing proven success habits, and the positive lifestyle you deserve.  Patience is the key to dreadlocks, a journey of the mind, spirituality, and prosperity.

The Real Truth

“Don’t twist one stand of your hair … or spend your hard earned money on fake dreadlocks, weaves, backcombs, and “magic potions” until you get the “REAL” facts about dreadlocks!”

How to Survive Anywhere

Dreads are a very unique hair style. The book, “Don’t Worry, Be Nappy” answers all of your questions about how to get dreadlocks, where they came from, how to save money in the process, and most importantly, how to survive, succeed, make more money with the dreadlock lifestyle.

Create Successful Lifestyle

If you want to create a successful lifestyle with dreadlocks; this is an excellent book to get you started. From staying motivated to making money, this book is designed to help you create a great life with dreadlocks.

More than 25 years Experience

The author of has been living with dreadlocks for more than 20 years and still growing strong. He has more than tripled his salary and wants to share this valuable information! Anyone can create a lifestyle of success and prosperity with this powerful hair style — Guaranteed! … Keep reading ..

What Will This Book Do For You?

Download Immediately $17
Secure Payment • 31 Day Hassle-free Guarantee

What Do People Really Think?

“I had tried to do dreadlockss about 5 or 6 six times and it never worked. Your book got me to get ones that stayed in thanks!” –  C Tekus

“I must say tell you that your words are inspirational, uplifting and gives me continued strength in my own personal/professional growth process.” – Launce C. Braddock

“Thank you so very much for helping me to start my dreadlocks.,I have about3 inches so far I am 57 years old.” – Charlotte Farris

“It takes courage, patience, and loving thyself to truly understand the grow “process of dreadlocks”. Thanks you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences.” – Micca Robinson

“Hi, I applaud your efforts and success in staying true in your beliefs about how you should go about your life with your hair..It is not always easy in Corporate America to be natural and yes they can get use to us in all our glory..Keep the faith” – Sukari

“Hi! I just wanted to say that I am SOOOO very happy that you are sharing some of the tips from your book with the group (Dreadlock & Lockcity). This REALLY makes me excited about going out and actually BUYING your book, mainly because you shared some really good tips and I’m SURE your book is full of more of the same. Just a word of thanks for sharing. and keep on writing and informing.” – Silvia

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Download Immediately $17
Secure Payment • 31 Day Hassle-free Guarantee